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“Allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you” If you’re planning to transport heavy load from one place to another, then opting for a full load or full truck load (FTL) logistics is both time-saving and cost-effective. But only when backed by an experienced and consumer cum load friendly logistics company. This is where DAAK GAADI proves to be the best friend of yours and your load. As FTL is all about one shipment delivery, we ensure that your entire shipment is delivered at the very state and condition as when it was packaged at the source. Providing FTL services across the entire nation and also to other countries across the globe with freight services of road, air and water; our full load transportation services are faster than expected and efficient than others.


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Our FTL services come with options of both containerized and open vehicles, depending on what you prefer to choose. The load can vary from almost 3.5 tons to approximately 25 tons with safe large volume freight. But this doesn’t mean that your deliverables will be mishandled. Instead they would be handled with utmost care and precaution like other deliverables at DAAK GAADI With 2000+ pickup points across India, we have made a mark in the industry by doing in reality a 99% on-time pickup and delivery at all times. Your heavy loads will be delivered like that of a parcel- safely, smoothly.

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If you have any need for transportation services, Daak Gaadi is a complete transport solutions, give us a call or send us an email and we will try to join you as soon as possible!

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