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Delivering across the borders, just for you With an enormous coverage of more than 100 countries with approximately 1500+ pickup poins in India, DAAK GAADI indulges in international movings and relocations like an ease. Also offering a variety of freight services including air, sea and road, the inbound and outbound transportation network makes Daak Gaadi stand out of the variety of logistics companies around and across the country.


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Whether your international relocation and/or moving is permanent or temporary, whether it is personal or professional, we offer integrated transportation solutions starting from packing and freight to customs clearance and end delivery. We offer complete care and secured handling of all your most valued assets. This makes it easy for you to travel anywhere and at any time across the globe because “Rest assured, your relocation will be safe”.

Besides transporting from requisite source to desired destination, we provide you with an expert and premium service by letting you track each and every aspect of the process with ease to know how and where of your transportable assets. Daak Gaadi is backed by latest and advanced technology for it to become your go-to specialist whenever and wherever you plan to switch from here to out anywhere. We take the most comprehensive approach when transporting your goods between countries so that relocating seems personal but hassle-free and yet a conscious activity for you to enjoy and us to deliver in the least possible time, but with utmost best quality and high precision. “Good to travel around”

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If you have any need for transportation services, Daak Gaadi is a complete transport solutions, give us a call or send us an email and we will try to join you as soon as possible!

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