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“Delivering happiness with parcels, on-time” Daak Gaadi is not just about delivering huge packages or even medium sized freight, instead we also indulge in smaller individual pieces in the form of parcels. Because of the increased number of parcels we send and sreceive from and to desired destinations, we have managed to maintain sorting equipments and provide facilities to you to deliver your package in its intact form. We provide door to door express service of transporting parcel within 5-6 working days and even non-working days to give you a roundabout service. We’re slowly heading towards achieving same day delivery targets as and when possible with the help of our far-stretched and expanded network.


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Moreover, you don’t need to look out for drivers coming at your location to collect your parcels, instead we have multiple drop- off locations available as well to let you drop your packages. But soon we’re trying to expand as much as possible in the mentioned domain as well to avoid drivers trucking to your location.

Benefits of parcel shipping with Daak Gaadi Logistics: -

1. Damage free and loss free delivery

2. Cost effective

3. Easy to track parcel status and checkpoints

4. No mishandling

5. Lastly, direct communication with executives 24*7

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If you have any need for transportation services, Daak Gaadi is a complete transport solutions, give us a call or send us an email and we will try to join you as soon as possible!

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